Monday, May 26, 2008

Whitney is gone for a week to EFY, so Paul and I are getting a taste of empty nest!  It's a bit different, I think she will have to present me with more challenges, in order for me to be happy when she goes away to college.  I have heard that's why teenagers are sometimes challenging, so when it comes time for them to move out, you are ready.  Well Whitney is just great to have around, and for at least this week, I miss her already, and I'm not ready to send her away to college.  I'm glad we still get to have her around for another year, that is unless she gets tired of us, and leaves sooner.  She finished up with high school a year early so she's taking classes at our local college, and working to earn money for the Art Institute in the fall.  I love and miss you Whitney!  I hope you have a GREAT time at EFY!
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