Monday, January 14, 2008

flannel sheets

So... since everyone else is blogging I thought I'd give it a try, yes, in my spare time!  °Ü°    
I laid awake in bed last night thinking about how I would start my blog, and I had such great thoughts and ideas, all of which escape me right now.  
Next time I will get up from my warm comfy flannel sheets and jot down some notes, because I should have known I would forget my words when I woke up. Maybe I'll just add some pictures for right now.

Paul and I on our 25th anniversary in June of 07.  
Paul surprised me with a balloon ride in Sedona,  AZ

Ashley and Joe  - Established in 2003

Jamie and Preston - We are still waiting for a date!

Kayla and Ryan - Established in 2005


The newest addition to our family... the too cute for words, the adorable, the favorite flavor, the "I can't get enough of you"... Kaytlyn Ewa Bell!