Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Word for 2008

It’s 4:00 AM, I was laying in my warm flannel sheets dreaming.  I roll over and my dream becomes lucid.  I love those kinds of dreams; this is where I am awake, but not.  I am able to communicate and ask questions while I am sleeping and still in my dream state.  So…out of the blue as I roll over the word “COMMIT” comes to my mind.  I see it written, I say it, and I hear it.  Is this my “word”, I ask?  I hear a voice in my dream say, “try it on and see how it feels”.  It feels good.   I think of all the things I can, should, and will commit to.  Yes, this is “my word”, the one I have been searching for.  Inspired by a friend of mine Polly, I wanted to come up with a word for the year that fit me.  I thought it was such a great idea, but this was three weeks ago.  I have had many words go through my mind, tried several on, but none seemed to fit just right until now.  “COMMIT”, I want to commit to being a better person, to doing what is best not just good as in Elder Dallin H. Oaks' conference talk.  I want to commit to doing the little things we have been asked to do.   Committing to do the little things is easy, it just takes time, and after all, time is just time, it’s really easy, okay, not so easy when I’ve been at a birth all night, all day and then all night again and all I want to do is sleep time away.  Time is valuable, but it is easy, it’s always there, we don’t have to do anything to create it.  We may have to be creative with our time to fit in the commitments we make, but it is easy, and commitment is easy too.  It’s just taking some of that time and doing something we need, should, or want to do.  I commit to being the best person I can be.  Yes, this is my word “COMMIT”.  I’m so relieved; I was beginning to think I would never find my word.  Now back to my flannel sheets.