Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It’s only been 1 day since my last confession...I mean, birth!

It’s only been 1 day since my last birth, and I was called out AGAIN!  When I have clients due at the same time, or not even due, but one may come early and the other late, so it ends up that they both could go at any time, my prayer every night is…”Thank you for each baby having their own Birth-day with plenty of rest in-between”.  Well, I wouldn’t say I had plenty of rest, but I got some.

I arrived around 8:00 PM and hung out while she was in labor.  Her contx were about 5- 7 minutes, but getting closer and stronger fairly quickly, by 11:00 PM things were rockin’ and rollin’!  Mom was breathing like a champ through some pretty intense contx, and still laughing in between them every 2-3 minutes.  At 3:00 AM I was thinking we must be getting pretty close, but mom was getting a very tired.  She decided to lie down to hopefully, maybe rest in-between contx.  Evidently that’s exactly what her body needed, because contx CEASED, STOPPED, NADA!  The good thing is, we all got a couple of hours worth of sleep, which I SO DESPERATELY needed, as this was the second night of sleep I missed out on in 2 days.  We decided to rest for the day, contx would probably pick up again in the late afternoon, as this had been her pattern for the past few days.  Yes, PATIENCE is the name of my game!  As long as baby and mom are both HAPPY and showing no signs of concern or stress, we just wait patiently for baby to receive all the last minute instruction she may be getting before coming to this earth. 

Sure enough contx picked up again around 2:00 PM, so off I went.  A similar labor pattern came, it was like a repeat from the last night, except, this time contx didn’t slow down.  They came on and continued to come closer together and get stronger and last longer.  As usual birth is VERY intense, and there comes a time when EVERY mom says, “I can’t do this any longer”.  I LOVE those words because, I know when I hear them, it won’t be much longer.  THANK GOODNESS!  This birth was no different in that respect.  We had a happy, healthy mom and BABY GIRL at 11:00 PM.

Now for the long drive home, about an hour and a half.  Once again I call on my ANGELS to assist me as I drive.  I don’t know how I would make it on the road with as little sleep as I get sometime without my ANGELS!  Thank you ANGELS!