Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This week was CRAAAZY!

I have been trying to decide if I wanted to put any birth stories up on my blog or not, I mean I am the baby catcher, and most of you who read my blog know and love me, and are used to hearing about my births.  So I decided to give it a run.  Your comments will help me decide whether it is an interesting read or not, and whether I will continue, but be forewarned they may be long posts.

This week was CRAAAZY!  It started on Wednesday the 5th at 2:00 AM, the phone rings; it’s one of my moms in labor.  Contrx had been going pretty strong for a couple of hours, so she wanted me to come over.  At 6:30 AM she was 5-6 cm dilated, and her plan was to go to the hospital, I was just her doula as apposed to her midwife.  I recommended she go now, because it was an hour and half drive to her hospital of choice.  She refused, she was way to comfortable at home.  She got back in the birth pool and I snuck home to kiss my husband good-buy, as he was leaving for Iraq at 7:00 AM.  Yes, I was planning on taking him, but we always have a back-up plan, so Kayla drove him to the airport.

I returned to my client’s house, and found her laboring in the birth pool with very strong contractions and doing well.  At 9:00 AM a little voice inside my head said, (Yes, for those of you who don’t know, I hear voices) “You need to go to the hospital, there will be time, but you need to go now.”  I let my client know she had one more chance to decide to go to the hospital, if she wanted to go, it was REALLY time and she agreed.  

We quickly got things together, and away we went on our hour and half drive, with dad riding shotgun and mom in the back seat, lying down, and... oh I forgot one detail, mom refused to wear any clothes.  Yes, I was flying down the road calling on my angels, with a naked pregnant mom, in labor, with contx every 2 minutes in my back seat.  No worries, I lined the back seat with CHUX  before mom got in.  I must have passed at least a dozen POLICE CARS.  I still can’t believe none of them pulled me over, but could you imagine if they did!  They certainly would have gotten an eye full.  I was kind of hoping for a police escort.

Mom feels lots of pressure, like she has to push, I’m thinking holy crap, do I need to pull over to deliver a baby on the side of the freeway???  That little voice inside says, "NO; just keep driving".  So my obedient little self gladly kept driving.

We made our 1 ½ hour drive in about 1 hour.  Thank you ANGELS!  Dad ran in the hospital to grab a wheelchair, and I helped mom out of the car, trying soooooo hard to cover her with a very short terrycloth robe she brought.  She really didn’t want anything to do with being covered, I insisted, and grabbed a blanket from the back of my car to assure her modesty.  I grabbed a chux to put down on the seat of the wheelchair and Dad wheeled mom up to the 8th floor while I parked the car.

They had a room waiting for her; we called them to give them a heads up that we were coming.  They checked her and she was 7 cm dilated.  The nursed asked where we got the wheel chair from because it wasn’t one of theirs.  Evidently, dad had grabbed someone’s private wheelchair.  They must have been loading into a vehicle and dad just saw and empty wheelchair and snatched it.  We quickly returned it back to the lobby, and hopefully the owner found it, not having any idea that some naked pregnant lady was sitting in it.

Long story short, we had an 8 lb 13 oz baby BOY.  All was well, mom and baby happy and healthy. °Ü°