Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Absolutely Perfect Birth!

Mom calls at 12:25 am; she says contractions are coming regularly every 10 minutes, strong, but very short.  With her last baby we went out on a couple of labor visits with a similar pattern, and then after a couple of hours everything came to a halt, so we discussed trying to get some rest in between these contractions, and if they stopped, then great, get some sleep, and if there was any change, call back.  I lay in bed for about 25 minutes trying to get a feel as to what I should do.  My angels said, get up, get dressed and call her back, it won’t be long, you know when she does kick into full labor she will go pretty quickly, and she lives 30 minutes away.  So, with that, I get up and phone her back.  As we were talking, she had a strong contraction, lasting longer than they had been, with that contraction her water broke.  Needless to say, I was on my way.

I made my phone calls to my assistant who was about 50 minutes away, and my apprenticing midwife who was about 2 hours away.

I arrive at 1:30 am, contractions are very strong and every 2-3 minutes.  I was very glad I got there when I did.  These were extremely intense contractions, but mom was handling them great.  Dad was right by her side taking care of her every need, and supporting her through each contraction. 

I listen to the baby who sounds absolutely perfect, and set things up to get ready for the birth.  My assistant arrives about 30 minutes later, and together we continue to support mom through each contraction.

Mom is feeling a strong urge to push, so she gives a few pushes, and I give her some perineum support with ginger compresses.  This helps to keep good circulation as the head stretches everything pretty tight, so we avoid any tears.  She gives very slow, controlled pushes giving her perineum time to stretch, and baby’s head time to mold.  The bones actually over-lap a small amount to let the baby’s head fit through the pelvic.  This is a VERY intense time for mom, and it seems to last forever, but it really is not long at all.  I am always amazed at the miracle of birth and the things it teaches us.  This strong mom and dad welcomed their beautiful 7 lb. 14 oz. daughter into this world at 3:00 AM.  Two hours later mom and babe enjoyed an herb bath together. I still say, “Natural childbirth is one of the greatest gifts a women can give to herself”. 

When we leave, mom and babe are tucked into bed taking a snooze, the laundry is soaking in the washer, mom has eaten, the dishes are done, and we pack up and head home.  I love what I do.  °Ü°

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