Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Butter Birth

Mom phoned me at 5:00 AM, she said she had been contracting since 3:00 AM.  Contractions are getting stronger now and she says she wants me to come over within an hour.  I arrive at 5:45 AM.  Mom is staying very relaxed, doing most of her labor on the toilet.  This seems to be the best and most comfortable place.  We tried different positions, but the toilet worked the best.  I got everything ready for birth and when my assistants arrived we traded off giving mom some knee pressure and dad took care of their 2 year old until a friend could get there to help with her.

Mom was feeling a slight urge to push, but didn’t want to be on the toilet for the birth, so we moved to her bed.  Dad sat behind her to help support and give her a little cushion to lean back on.

Mom was giving some very gentle, slow pushes, and around 8:15 her water broke, she continued to push very slow and gently, at 8:23 AM we had a healthy baby BOY 6 lbs. 12 oz.  If only all our births could be this easy.  She had 3 hours of active labor, and 10 minutes of pushing.  I’m sure this mom would agree the second labor and delivery is much easier than the first.

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