Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One phrase among many that my clients hear me say is, “You really come to KNOW just how strong and powerful you are through natural childbirth, and that knowledge tells you, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.”  I often say, “Don’t ever doubt your strength, you have just proven to that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING?”

Each birth teaches me lessons and shows me how strong I am too.  Each labor has lessons for me.  Some are easier than others, and those hard ones reinforce the message personally to me that “I can do anything.” 

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself why am I still doing this?  Sometimes I think, “I don’t want this responsibility anymore.  Sometimes I think I want my life back, but this is my life, my love, and my passion.  A massage or a few days away with my family AKA vacation is when I forget about the hard times and this buoys me up to continue with my mission.

I am grateful for my amazing family.  Many times I’m sure they have felt that they came second, to my clients, but I have only felt supported and encouraged by them.  I’d like to think they are proud of what their mom/wife does, and I think they are.  I could not do this without their genuine unconditional love and support. 

I’m grateful for my assistants, for the bonds of trust we share.  I’m grateful for their skills, as two brains in a stressful and sleep deprivation situation are always better than one. 

I am grateful for my skills, I am grateful for my passion to empower women through education and choices.  I am honored to have the divinely guided hands that welcome these perfect babies into this world.

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