Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remember the Little Details

Funny story… I came home from a birth this week… (Birth story to follow soon) to my defense, keep in mind I was VERY sleep deprived.  I just wanted to go out and sit in the spa for a few minutes and then go to sleep.  It was the middle of the afternoon, and no one was home, so I locked the front door, and slipped out the back in my spa suit, (for those of you that know me well, you know that is butt naked).  The spa was WONDERFUL for my tired body, now I just needed my comfy bed.  I dried off with my VERY small towel, and headed for the door.  To my surprise, I had LOCKED myself out!!!  We just got new doors and windows, and this new lock automatically locks unless it is manually unlocked. Ya… I’m not used to them yet, and my sleep-deprived brain didn’t remember that little detail.  So…. What am I to do????  I called Paul, he just about busted a gut, and I could HEAR him rolling on the floor.  Hearing my husband laugh is one of my FAVORITE things.  No one would be home for at least 4 hours.  I could curl up on the patio chair and sleep, but it was a bit too nippy for one with no clothes on.  I could go out the side gate, and sneak in the front door, my front yard is pretty hidden by all the big pine trees and no one would even see me, but I remember, I LOCKED the front door!  I thought about the predicament I was in for about 30 minutes, and finally decided just to bite the dust, wrap my “better than nothing” towel around my most privates and go out the side gate to the front yard, I use the keep pad for the garage door and go through the garage.  Yes, it is WIDE OPEN SPACE, and anyone looking out their window, driving down the street, kids getting off the bus, and the Fed X truck driver making a delivery could see this “not so pretty picture”, but at least I was in the my house and snuggled in my bed finally able to get some much needed sleep!

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