Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blast from the Past!

My daughter has become best friends with one of her co-workers.  She has spent many hours in her home (she still lives at home with her family).  Her friend’s mom has taken Jamie in as another daughter.  When I talk to Jamie on the phone, she always has stories about being with her Danylle’s family.  I was so grateful Jamie had a friend that was of like mind, and raised with the same standards.  Jamie and Danylle have said over and over, our moms should meet, they would probably get along really well.

Danylle moved to Sierra Vista, and her mom was coming down to see her for the weekend.  Jamie called me to let me know if I had a “care package” to send her this would be a great opportunity, because Debera was coming to SV to see her daughter and she could bring it back with her.  I quickly put a package together and was glad Jamie was helping me keep my title “the best mom ever”!

Debera called me Friday night to introduce herself over the phone, and said she wanted to meet me and pick up something I might have for Jamie.  We visited on the phone for a bit, she said she felt like she already knew me, and I felt the same.  I was so grateful Jamie had another mom figure to watch over and be there for her and it was nice to finally meet her.  She commented over and over again how much she loves Jamie, and her friendship with her daughter.

Saturday morning Paul and I went for a walk, we were on our way home and Debera called to let me know she was on her way over.  She was waiting in the driveway when we walked up.  I was a little embarrassed, as she was all decked out looking very cute, and I was just up, no makeup, probably still bed hair, and sweaty from my walk.  Oh well, I’m not out to impress her I thought.

She came in the house; I grabbed a drink of water while she was looking at pictures on my family wall.  She turned to me as said, “What was your maiden name”?  I thought, “ well you won’t know me, but whatever...”, “it’s Bailey”,  She said, I’m Debera R…..”  I couldn’t believe it, we were both in shock!

We grew up together, we lived in the same neighborhood, we went to school and church together since kindergarten, we were good friends.  We both got married and went our separate ways, and I haven’t been in touch with her since graduation, though I have thought about her MANY times through out the years.

Who would guess that our daughters are best friends?  NOW I was embarrassed, your supposed to look cute when you reunite with a friend you grew up with.  We had the best 2 ½ hour visit, we caught up on each of our experiences that brought us to this point from the last 28 years, and laughed at the conversation the night before about feeling like we already know each other.  Talk about a Blast from the Past!

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