Friday, February 6, 2009

Home Cooking for 2009

This year, one of my goals is to be a healthy weight.  That means REALLY watching what I eat and paying attention to how it is prepared.  Friday night is "date night", it has been for almost 27 years!  Even when our girls were small, we always found a way to spend one night of the week out, alone together.  It usually involves dinner, and since we just have Whitney at home now, and she has a very busy social life, we end up going out a couple of times a week sometimes more, depending on our schedules.  Anyway....since I can't get to my healthy weight by going out to eat as often as we have in the past, we are enjoying home-cooked meals EVERY night.  Now for some of you this may be the norm, but it hasn't been for me.  So... as Friday night approaches, I'm having a hard time transitioning, and giving up my favorite restaurants.  We've never been movie buffs, but we may be loving more movies this year.

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