Friday, March 20, 2009

Is this the flu or is it LABOR?

Mom calls in the evening to say she has been having contx today, but really she just doesn’t feel well. She thinks she might have picked up the flu from someone, because she feels kind of achy all over and just not herself. She checks back in an hour later, and says, it must be the flu, because contx backed off, and she was going to hopefully get a full nights rest tonight.

6:20 AM I receive a call, mom woke up feeling like she was in transition, very shaky and not able to focus on anything but labor. The plan was for her to go to a “Birth Place” to have her baby, her husband had worked really hard on the construction of it, and they felt more comfortable there than at home, but it sounded like things were moving a bit to fast for her to get to the “Birth Place”, so we were coming to her.

6:35 AM I arrive at the house. Dad is so excited he can hardly see straight, and mom is very calmly resting on her bed. I checked mom’s dilation and she was 7 cm. How would it be to just wake up in the morning and already be 7 cm dilated? Things were moving along quickly, but I felt like they had time to still drive to the “Birth Place” if they really wanted to. I wanted them to have the birth they wanted, I had all my supplies and equipment in my car, but I knew that wasn’t their plan. I gave mom and dad a few minutes alone to decide what they wanted. They decided since there was time, they really wanted to go to the “Birth Place”. We hurried to put a few things in a bag, as the timing was a bit unexpected while Dad was on the phone to arrange a babysitter for their youngest son.

7:15 AM we arrive at the “Birth Place”, and mom’s contx are every 3-5 minutes, and very strong. The “Birth Place” is still under construction, but the essentials are there, and mom was happy. I organized a tray with all the birth supplies on it, like baby hat, instruments, sterile gloves, etc. Just in time, as mom contx are picking up a bit.

7:30 AM Contx are 2-3 minutes, and mom is really in need of some help breathing through them. Dad continues to be full of excitement; he can’t believe his wife is about to give birth any minute. He phones his mother in law, to let her know where to come to, and to hurry!

7:45 AM mom feels like she needs to go to the bathroom, as she stands up, her water breaks, and she heads to the toilet. She sits down with a VERY strong contx, and gives an involuntary push. I put my hand there to be ready to catch a baby, and sure enough the head is coming. I called for dad; he grabbed the camera, and put his arm around their daughter who was also there to welcome a new baby sister or brother. I didn’t have time to put my gloves on, sometimes it just happens too quickly, the most important thing is to have a dry warm towel or blanket to dry baby off when it is born, so I grabbed a towel, and put my hand down to guard mom’s bottom as the head came out. The other midwife dawned gloves by then, so she took over, and encouraged dad to come closer to receive his baby. Mom remains so very calm, she isn’t pushing, her baby is just coming out very slowly. As she contx, baby pushes itself out.

7:51 AM dad’s reaches down, and his hands welcome their new baby son into the family. He weighs 7 pounds and comes to a family full of love.

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